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Massage Therapy
    I perform clinical massage therapy which uses light, medium, or firm pressure with smooth, gliding, and stretching techniques to calm the nervous system and increase range of motion.  It improves blood circulation and stimulates the body's lymphatic system.  Deep relaxation allows the body to rejuvenate tired, sore muscles.  I am certified in myofacial release, sports massage, reflexology, and thai massage.  Deep tissue and sports massage is my specialty.  

Relaxation (Swedish) Massage uses slow, long, gliding strokes combined with light to medium pressure.  The goal during this massage is to relax the nervous system and reduce muscle tension.  It will slow down the mind and provide meditative thinking. 

Deep Tissue Massage  This is a very slow, firm pressured massage. The deeper pressure releases chronic muscle tension and focuses on the deepest layers of fascia tissue, tendons, and muscle fibers.

Myofacial Release applies sustainable pressure into myofacial connective tissue to reduce pain and restore restricted rang of motion and release adhestions.

Sports Massage is the application of deep massage, stretching, and active and passive range of motion techniques.  Pre and post event massage helps athletes perform better.  Hot and cold therapies may be used during this massage.

Reflexology uses stimulating reflex points on the feet and hands that are directly connected to the nervous system.  It affects parts of the body to produce theraputic benefits.

Thai Massage is a cross between yoga and acupressure.  You will be placed in yoga positions combined with deep static rhythmic pressure. It is performed on soft thai mats on the floor.  Wear comfortable clothing during this treatment.

                          1/2 hr              $45.00
                          1 hr                 $65.00
                          1 1/2 hr            $110.00
                          Reflexology      $40.00  
      Thai Massage      $100.00                          

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